A new kind of agency. 

Life Science

Healthcare services 

and products.

We help life science companies and startups 

to bring value to the market.

We are different

Medical services are all about fears and hopes of people.

For last 6 years we support all kind of marketing & communication activities for companies from pharma, CRO, healthcare industries. 

We mapped patients fears and motivations, we met 8 therapeutic areas in 9 countries. 

We design and develop GDPR compliant solutions. We have won iF Design Award 2018 for Health in Professional Concept category.

Our services

You deliver services to pharma industry, physicians, patients. We can help.

You are setuping a clinical trial and look for alternative ways of patient recruitment. ​​​​​​​

We can help.

You are setuping a new project, want to evaluate it, design better experience. ​​​​​​​

We can help.

Everything we do, we do with deep knowledge of healthcare services and pharma market requirements.

We Research

Decision-making process

Experience mapping

Patient/physician journey

Pharma customer journey 

Patient/physician routine


Co-creation workshops

In-depth interviews

We Design

Patient / physician experience

Service / product MVP Processes

Visual identities

Content marketing campaigns

Promo materials

Patient recruitment materials


We Develop

ResearchKit apps

Web & mobile apps

Bots for messengers

Corporate & promo websites​​​​​​

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with Dymitr Romanowski  

Dymitr Romanowski

iF Awarded service & product designer. 

He leads a multi-disciplinary team of researchers, designers, recruiters, developers and film makers. He specializes in healthcare services and has recently completed a post-graduate course on Innovation Management at Oxford University. He has been working with CROs since 2012.

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Prototyping – 3 900 EUR in total

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1. Workshops to precise a product MVP :

    Canvas Value Proposition Workshop

    Persona & Customer Journey Workshop

2. Analysis based on our knowledge and resources:   

    Validating idea with the digital health


    Validating patient / physicians / pharma


    Benchmarking and UX Audit 

3. Prototyping 

4. Consulting and guide with the next steps description

Our references


+ more than 5 pharma companies 

covered by the NDA.

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